Final report of Pthways Project

Egino Emerging (EE)

Setting up EE with help from Awards For All

Project update August 2022

Evidence to the APPG

Ending the need for food banks

Pathways Project Update - 2 May 2022

Update of work so far

I am the main Admin, but eventually you wont see me ... shh don't tell him Pike


Not a pro painter but practice makes perfect. Paint when I get chance due to life stuff!!


An Aussie trapped in New Zealand. More of a painter than a gamer, I am interested in many different periods and genres. Fit in my hobby between work and full time study


Been Wargaming / Modelling / Painting for the about 25 years and enjoy lots of different periods / fantasy settings, variety is the spice of life.


northern miniature painter


returned to 40k after 13 years away and now very much interested in historical gaming :) must be my age !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am a Wargamer, A Modeller, A Painter, A Green Lantern Fan, Wrestling Fanatic and Metal Music Lover!


What up, playaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahs!!!! WarbossTae here, owner and sole proprietor of WarbossTaeStudios. I am a professional commission miniature painter, YouTuber, and rogue-ish man about town.