The "official" group for the Black Powder Paint Off 2015 Warlord painting competition only. This group is the place to put your entries for the Warlord Comp only, so just your warlord miniatures that you wish to be judged by Warlord themselves. Everything else just carry on using the Paint Off group. Ta.

I am the main Admin, but eventually you wont see me ... shh don't tell him Pike


Just someone who enjoys painting, making terrain and wargaming.


Painting anything I can!


Also known as 'The Maniac' on YouTube, and a commission painter under the name of 'Asylum Painting Studio' Love most games, not really a big fan of 40k or AoS


Short Bio is required.


Hi, im a wargamer in NZ and are moving to Ireland to live in a few months. I started playing when i was 10 years old, 28 years ago. :)


Hi, I'm Owain and I am a historical wargamer and have been since I was a boy. My main interests are WW2, Napoleonics and Seven Years War.