I am the main Admin, but eventually you wont see me ... shh don't tell him Pike


I do mainly 15mm ww2 and Napoleonics. Thinking about ACW. Get easily distracted by other projects.


As a man, I put away childish things. Then I realized what a terrible mistake that had been and got them all back out.


A war gamer, that eschews Fantasy and Gothic Science fiction, so finds it hard to find gamers that like to play what I like to play.


As a young boy many a battle was fought on my bedroom carpet by legions of Airfix and Matchbox 1:72 and 1:32 scale toy soldiers. Many years later and this big kid continues to collect and paint.


Getting through the lead mountain 1 figure at a time!


I'm not a gamer of sort, I'm more of a terrain maker,figure painter and miniature hoarder. I seldom get the chance to play any games and when the chance does occur it may be once or twice a year......


Hi, im a wargamer in NZ and are moving to Ireland to live in a few months. I started playing when i was 10 years old, 28 years ago. :)


My gaming involves 20mm US conflict in Vietnam (where I got my start several years ago), 20mm moderns, and 28mm WWII (Bolt Action). I'm starting to get into Kings of War and Dungeon Saga.


Love painting toy soldiers, even been known to have a game once in a while :0)


Love painting figures and building terrain have loads of figs and buildings to share