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Project update August 2022

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Ending the need for food banks

Pathways Project Update - 2 May 2022

Update of work so far

I am the main Admin, but eventually you wont see me ... shh don't tell him Pike


I am Robert Fellows.


A 40 plus gamer who started with airfix in the 1970's and has done every scale and a few periods since. Currently into the smaller scales 6mm and 10mm


Been Wargaming / Modelling / Painting for the about 25 years and enjoy lots of different periods / fantasy settings, variety is the spice of life.


Ganesha games fan, pushing the limits of skirmish gaming. I do the books, films, TV rather than bulk products. Experienced playtester.


As a man, I put away childish things. Then I realized what a terrible mistake that had been and got them all back out.


Hello I am hereticofyew, wargamer, madman, Infinity Noob


Played wargames for 20 years at moment into Dropzone Commander


I'm a fat old man who likes pretending to be someone else and playing with army men :)


fun gaming and gaming fun... is what i'm all about


ow dooooo it's Pezzapoo


Short Bio is required.


Part-time wargamer, first wargaming experience was back in the late seventies with my dad. Collector of minitures and boardgames, more than I'll ever use. Active member of Castle Wargames club.


50 something gamer, just recently got back into gaming but doesn't get to play as much as I'd like


Hello all 20+ years gaming different genres .I have worked in the hobby industry for ever running stores and owning one .


What up, playaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahs!!!! WarbossTae here, owner and sole proprietor of WarbossTaeStudios. I am a professional commission miniature painter, YouTuber, and rogue-ish man about town.


War-gamer and very occasional painter.Currently playing Bolt action and Malifaux at my local club (D.W.A.R.F.) Other likes include football, both types of rugby, american football and women.


I like most wargames, at the moment i play deadmans hand and xwing.