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Pathways Project Update - 2 May 2022

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Feel free to post your pics and comments relating to Flames of War here. You can include any period covered by the rules, not just WW II.

I am the main Admin, but eventually you wont see me ... shh don't tell him Pike


Into 15mm British Napoleonics, Bolt Action, WW2, WW1 and Age of Sail.


Not a pro painter but practice makes perfect. Paint when I get chance due to life stuff!!


Heya I'm CloakingDonkey, Gaming/History Youtuber and passionate wargamer of over 20 years.


A 6mm war gamer who collects Modern Russians, Napoleonic as well as a lot more.


Have been wargaming since around 2005, had a big break because of a lack of historicals in my area. Currently there is a historical scene building up, so I am also painting again.


30+ years in the hobby! Imagine that.


Forty-odd years of gaming. Accomplished miniatures painter. Previously, an avid gamer. Now, mostly blind, so participate in the hobby vicariously. PhD in Theology and love history! <br />


I like tiny fighting men


I collect and paint miniatures from all different games and genres. I also like to build my own terrain. <br /> <br /> Currently in the process of developing a rule-set for 6mm gaming in the ancient period.


retired, love painting minis, both FoW and WH40K


Born and bred in Cornwall. I am now Reading Genetics and Molecular biology at uni.


As a young boy many a battle was fought on my bedroom carpet by legions of Airfix and Matchbox 1:72 and 1:32 scale toy soldiers. Many years later and this big kid continues to collect and paint.


Author of


Getting through the lead mountain 1 figure at a time!


An avid war gamer for too long and a fan of toy soldiers for even longer. Now an illustrator and comic book artist and when time allows a commander of tiny metal and plastic men.


I'm not a gamer of sort, I'm more of a terrain maker,figure painter and miniature hoarder. I seldom get the chance to play any games and when the chance does occur it may be once or twice a year......


50 something gamer, just recently got back into gaming but doesn&#039;t get to play as much as I&#039;d like


Ihave been a Wargamer for 30+years my Main era is 6mm and 28mm Napoleonic Using the Black Powder Rules.


Located on the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona I am primarily interested in historicals, but also have a fair interest in fantasy systems.


I like most wargames, at the moment i play deadmans hand and xwing.