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A long-time gamer living on mid-Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.


An Aussie trapped in New Zealand. More of a painter than a gamer, I am interested in many different periods and genres. Fit in my hobby between work and full time study


A 40 plus gamer who started with airfix in the 1970's and has done every scale and a few periods since. Currently into the smaller scales 6mm and 10mm


As a man, I put away childish things. Then I realized what a terrible mistake that had been and got them all back out.


Hey, I'm an avid gamer who enjoys the GW side of stuff (it's the one thing in my local area). I got started in the hobby in 2010 and want to be cool.


Been wargaming for over 40 + years and have dabbled in most periods over that time


51 year ol male just getting back into wargaming


wargamer for over 40 years wide range periods


An avid war gamer for too long and a fan of toy soldiers for even longer. Now an illustrator and comic book artist and when time allows a commander of tiny metal and plastic men.


Long time wargamer. Great many areas of interest and never seem to get anything done as a result. Favourite rules Saga, Sword and Spear and Black Powder.


Interested in History, Reading, Book collecting, Living History/Reenactments, miniature painting, miniature gaming, and some board games as well. Dark Ages/Colonial/ECW/ACW/RCW/WWII Far East/Pacific.


Hi, im a wargamer in NZ and are moving to Ireland to live in a few months. I started playing when i was 10 years old, 28 years ago. :)


I've been wargaming for nearly 40 years, with a decent stint of D&D in my late teens and early 20's.


Back into gaming recently after 20+ years away. Originally intended to start ACW modelling/painting but ended up playing BA. Recently started SAGA and developing a real interest in Colonial gaming.


Attorney living in Colorado, enjoys history, particularly military history.


Hello all 20+ years gaming different genres .I have worked in the hobby industry for ever running stores and owning one .


Started Wargaming in the early 80's, when in my early teens. Now in my forties and I have returned to the hobby. Main interests Colonial, WW1, WW2 and Napoleonic


Love painting figures and building terrain have loads of figs and buildings to share

Wargamer for 30 years with a very (some might say too) wide range of interests