Welcome to Black Powder Paint Off 2015.

This year’s event we have brought a few companies to celebrate the age of ‘Black Powder’ so we have a few categories. Allowing people to take part with anything they may have in the cupboards and allowing more than one range into the event.

We also have created a group page on ‘My Wargaming Life’, a site dedicated to wargaming. Most of the event will be covered on here and also on YouTube.

So How Do I Enter?
It’s simple, over the course of the event, which runs from 28th September – 24th December 2015, you can do either of the following:

  • Upload at least 5 videos to YouTube with ‘bppo2015’ in the tag section and ‘Black Powder Paint Off’ in the title, this makes it easier to find on YouTube and we can share them round the community, it can be added to the YouTube playlist (and you can post links to them in the My Wargaming Life Black Powder Paint Off 2015 group, see below)
  • Sign up to ‘My Wargaming Life’ and post your progress on the ‘Black Powder Paint Off 2015’ group, we ask that you upload at least 10 updates, it keeps the community going. Comment on and encourage others who have posted their progress in the challenge too!

So What Are The Categories And Prizes?
Okay we have 2 main categories for this year’s event, they are as follows:

Warlord Games

To take part in this category you simply have to use only figures from the ‘Black Powder’ range, more can be found here: http://store.warlordgames.com/collections/black-powder

  • Random entrant: Anyone that takes part on either YouTube and ‘My Wargaming Life’ will be automatically entered to the competition for your chance to win a: ‘Napoleons Berlin Carriage’
  • Best painted entry: Please find more details below for the full rules, but the prize is: A starter army of your choice from the ‘Black Powder Range’ (the £80 box sets)

My Wargaming Life

By signing up to the site and meeting the 10 post requirement to the Black Powder Paint Off 2015 group page you will be automatically entered for any of the following prizes:

  • Front Rank Miniatures: A battalion of your choice
  • Calpe Miniatures: A battalion of your choice
  • Baccus 6mm: A starter army of your choice (from an appropriate range)

Warlords Best Painted Entry Rules:

Okay, for those people that are interested in taking part here are the rules and guidelines for the competition:

  • All models used must be from Warlord Games ‘Black Powder’ range.
  • It can be anything from a single figure, a company/battalion up to a diorama.
  • Present your entry as a picture slideshow onto ‘My Wargaming Life’ in the painting completion section.
  • Name you diorama or piece a catchy name.

Please note you cannot submit your entries until December 1st 2015 when the competition starts, you can upload/post your progress of your piece etc. but the final entry must be added into the ‘My Wargaming Life’ painting competition section, keep an eye out for further notifications and announcements (plus details of the all important URL) about this as the 1st December draws nearer.

Thanks once again for taking part!

We would like to thanks Warlord Games, Calpe Miniatures, Front Rank Miniatures and Baccus 6mm for their support and prize donation for this event.


I am the main Admin, but eventually you wont see me ... shh don't tell him Pike


Greetings! My name is Gus and I run a channel called Colour of the Gods; which focuses on wargaming, miniature painting, and general silliness! Add me - it is always great to meet fellow wargamers!


Ex Army. I have a degree in Archaeology and a Life long interest in Military History. Have spent the last couple of summers working on an archaeological project at Hougoumont Farm, Waterloo.


Naval Wargames Enthusiast, Modeller & Painter. Love all aspects of Naval Tabletop Wargames, but also play other games such as Pathfinder and Battlelore.


awi in 1/72 plastics. Colonial


Just someone who enjoys painting, making terrain and wargaming.


hi everyone i am 51yrs old and been playing wargames .D&D , from the late 70s . but i have not played any in the last few year , need to join a club


I started out with GW:s LotR SBG in the early 2000s and have been hooked since. Nowadays I mostly play Epic Armageddon and Warmaster (Fantasy).


Historical wargamer returning to the fold.


16 years old, Massachusetts


a craft that can be learned, while an artist, this is invented every day : it's a lifestyle


As a man, I put away childish things. Then I realized what a terrible mistake that had been and got them all back out.


Have been wargaming since around 2005, had a big break because of a lack of historicals in my area. Currently there is a historical scene building up, so I am also painting again.


Studying european history. Interested in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.


30+ years in the hobby! Imagine that.


Born and raised in Western Pennsylvania. My interests in gaming grew out of a love of miniatures which has made me more of a collector rather than gamer. I also sculpt larger scale figures/busts.


Forty-odd years of gaming. Accomplished miniatures painter. Previously, an avid gamer. Now, mostly blind, so participate in the hobby vicariously. PhD in Theology and love history! <br />


I have been modeling for 25 years and painting miniatures and wargaming for 3 years.


Just started looking at minis earlier this year. Have been inspired by the many channels on you tube, think I am now subscribed to over 60 of them. Started with 28mm Napoleonics.


Planning on building a series of 28mm Napoleonic dioramas.


Grumpy old git who likes models soldiers and model railways, beer and mucky women. Not necessarily in that order!


IDICBeer The Wonders of Warhammer 40k


Painting anything I can!


Jamjar34 on you tube. New to historial gaming. Ready to learn and take notes from the vets. Be a nice learning curve and a awesome challenge. :):):)


See Ringo's bio


Also known as 'The Maniac' on YouTube, and a commission painter under the name of 'Asylum Painting Studio' Love most games, not really a big fan of 40k or AoS


I've been a fan of Wargaming since I very little, so I am. I'm quite keen on History and Literature and I'd love to make this community expand and grow. Hopefully, I'll make some friends out of this.


My name is jordan white I love wargaming but most of all I love painting Im in the army and just got back from Kuwait so I&amp;#039;m super excited to get into painting and would love to do commission work


Hello everyone! I paint figures for a variety of periods including Napoleonics, 1938 a very British civil war and Dad's army :D


Wargamer and pathfinder for mantic games.


Hi Rob 38 From Newcastle upon Tyne, I have been into wargaming since I was 9 years old which I have loved doing but never been into as much I am now.


A developer of this site


Never grew up so still obsessed with soldiers. Mainly game against my sons on a 6x4 table with homemade variations of rules


Based in Bolton


Living in Seattle, Wa. Been painting for around 30 years. Started with WHFB and D&D, now working on Napoleonic's and WW2


Just getting back into Napoleonic gaming after a very long time away from it. When I started there were only the Hinchliffe figures available, so that gives you an idea how long ago it was.


Just here for advice on my miniatures and to meet people with similar interests


I like Painting miniatures, yes I do


fun gaming and gaming fun... is what i'm all about


Long time war gamer who should know better but cant resist adding to the lead mountain.


wargamer for over 40 years wide range periods




Hello, My name is Pete. I collect Napoleonic,WWII and some Dark Age miniatures. Some of which may eventually get painted.


Wargamer and model maker but happiest when painting little men


17th century Nut, runs 17th century wargames page https://www.facebook.com/groups/381224725364495/


Steve Miller


Bad painter; worse gamer.


returned to 40k after 13 years away and now very much interested in historical gaming :) must be my age !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Short Bio is required.


A fat middle aged bloke painting toy soldiers in my cellar ... life is good!


Wargamer from way back... Game i would luv to play for the rest of my life... Mustangs and Messershmitts currently live in Cleveland Ohio as a photographer with my wife and a ton of pets!


I was born a Wargamer!


Wargaming butterfly, usually trying a new game or army every month! Currently based in NY/CT.


Hi, im a wargamer in NZ and are moving to Ireland to live in a few months. I started playing when i was 10 years old, 28 years ago. :)


Hi, I&#039;m Owain and I am a historical wargamer and have been since I was a boy. My main interests are WW2, Napoleonics and Seven Years War.


Hello. My name is Kane and I&#039;m a war gamer. I was originally a 40k/Fantasy player but have now started looking in to other systems like Black Powder and Bolt Action.


Looking to get into Muskets and Tomahawks


You do not stop playing when you get old, you get old when you stop playing.


Been painting minis since the Lord of the Rings came out with a weekly magazine. Haven&#039;t found a reason to stop yet :P <br /> <br />


old git that likes painting minis and playing tabletopRPGs ^^


Attorney living in Colorado, enjoys history, particularly military history.


Love painting toy soldiers, even been known to have a game once in a while :0)


Hello all 20+ years gaming different genres .I have worked in the hobby industry for ever running stores and owning one .


Ihave been a Wargamer for 30+years my Main era is 6mm and 28mm Napoleonic Using the Black Powder Rules.